sábado, 5 de marzo de 2016

PRNTN (Prophetic Revelation: Networking the Nations)

PRNTN (Prophetic Revelation: Networking the Nations), led by Penny Ianson, aims to connect groups of prophetic people, share in training and growing in the prophetic in order to be effective members of Christ’s body, and to see the Kingdom of Heaven come on Earth in the now time. Although we are based in the UK, since 2015, our spiritual covering has been in Spain: our dear friends Pastor Manuel Lauriño and his wife Isabel (www.iglesiacristianamanantialdevida.com).

Since May 2008, PRNTN has ministered in churches, conferences and various groups, mainly in western Europe (UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Cyprus) and also in Mexico. The focus was originally on women’s ministry, releasing the land, and growing in the prophetic. In recent years the ministry has also had a growing heart for Israel and is now partnered with Shekinah Legacy (www.shekinahlegacy.org). PRNTN currently offer preaching, teaching, mutual support and encouragement over short, medium and longer terms. For more information, or to subscribe to our Word for the Month, contact: admin@prophetic-revelation.co.uk